Is it OK to gain an edge at work by using chemicals?

In the movie Limitless, Bradley Cooper takes a pill called NZT and unlocks the portions of his brain normally not in use. The unlocked portions in his brain enabled him excellent retention and unbelievably clear thinking. So-called “smart drugs” these days promise better thinking and better focus. So, is it OK to chemical enhance yourself?

If it’s legal. It’s OK. And if the “smart drugs” are enabling you to perform better, for longer periods of times, your employer will certainly reward you.

Here it is so you can decide:

While taking Nootropics to get an edge in the workplace, also try to get exercise and eat a balanced diet. These are also important in regulating stress, reducing anxiety, helping with focus and improving memory.

Callenge yourself to research nootropics and other ways that you can improve your body so that you can gain an edge in the life and in the workplace.



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